Cabo Verde - 10 reasons why
Cabo Verde - 10 reasons why

1. There are very friendly and willing people in Cape Verde.
2. Cape Verde Islands have a variety of leisure time activities (relax, cognition and adrenaline).
3. There is steady weather (almost the entire year does not drop below 22 degrees C).
4. Holiday prices are relatively low (given what you get for your money).
5. The islands are safe (criminality minimal and dangerous animals will not see here).
6. Cape Verde is not far (you can enjoy almost tropical conditions after 6 hours of flight).
7. Still something to discover on the islands (Don’t you already like the boring Sal? Go to Boa Vista and admire the beauty of nature here).
8. Excellent food and drink (varied local cuisine and continental recipes).
9. Beautifully clean and warm water in the ocean.
10. You will get a lot of unforgettable experiences (for example, the local carnival is worth to visit).


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