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We welcome you to the information web traveler-capeverde.com. You will find all information about Cape Verde islands here. Whoever visits this marvellous place in the middle of the ocean, will be amazed by the difference as well as closeness of this place.

There is a beautiful climate in Cape Verde and locals are frank and kind. The main content for travelers to this islands are peace and relax. The national motto of all Cape Verde people is “NO STRESS”. So no stress, enjoy the joys of life.

The name Cape Verde comes from French Cap Vert which literally means Green Cape.

Cape Verde islands are located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago consists of ten islands and five islets.


  • Northern archipelago – Santo Antão, São Vincente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista
  • Southern archipelago – Maio, Santiago, Fogo, Brava

The origin of all islands is volcanic – they originated from volcanic activity from the bottom of the ocean.

There is a still active volcano Fogo on the Fogo island (last volcanic eruption was in 1995)

Capital city – Praia

  • Area of Cape Verde islands – 4033 km2
  • Number of inhabitants – ca 430.000
  • Political system – republic since 1975
  • Currency – Cape Verdean escudo (current exchange rate 100 CVE = 1 USD)

Climate in Cape Verde

There is a hot and dry climate on the islands.

In the period between December and June there is a strong wind that brings huge waves in the ocean and fine sand from Sahara.

Beautiful and stable weather is from July till November.

There is a possibility of occasional rain in this period.

Traveling in Cape Verde is more accessible. And becoming a favorite destination of many traveling agencies.

The conditions of accommodation and the level of services is higher every year and comparable to Europe.

So, you find marvelous climate, perfect accommodation and experience from Africa here.

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