Advice and tips for Cabo Verde
Advice and tips for Cabo Verde

Cape Verde Islands – Advice and Tips
Rather than relying on credit cards, it’s good to have some cash at hand.
Before visiting Cape Verde, no vaccination or doctor’s visit is required.
Yet you should bring enough of your own medication, drink a ton of water and wear a proper headgear.

Money – currency, banks and payment methods

Currency – Cape Verde’s main currency is the Cape Verde escudo (CVE), which is composed of 100 centavos. You can pay with Euro or Dollar in big tourist centers. For trips to smaller towns, the local currency is needed.
Banks – are mainly located in tourist resorts and bigger cities (eg Mindelo).
Open hours: 8:00 to 15:00.
Credit cards – accepted only in bigger restaurants and hotels. Small towns you need to have some cash. VISA and MasterCard are most often supported, so stick to those.
Exchange offices – never change cash in markets and on streets – you risk very unsuitable conditions for desired exchange. Use services of banks or currency exchange services instead.

Boat on the island of Boa Vista

Stay on the Cape Verde Islands
Visas – tourists from any country must have a visa. It can also be obtained right on the spot, and it is the cheapest option, to be honest, more about Visa Cape Verde Islands.
Safety – There is no danger threatening tourist resorts. It is very safe.
The only thing that needs your attention is the possibility of meeting a cutpurse (there are few in every country in the world). So look after your personal belongings!
Bargaining – it is quite common in these lands to bargain. Applies mostly to sellers on beaches and marketplaces.
There is no bargaining in stores.
Internet – in luxury hotels is available directly in the room you are staying in, or eventually in the hotel lobby.
In big cities, there are a few internet cafes. More about the Internet in Cape Verde.


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