Sao Vicente
Sao Vicente

Island of Sao Vicente

If you are looking for a holiday in a place where nature, tranquility and romance await you instead of busy streets full of tourists, visit Cape Verde Islands. The most sought-after part of the area is Sao Vicente Island.


The island of Sao Vicente belongs to a group of wind farms known as Barlavento.
It lies between the islands of Santo Antao and Santa Lucia. Because the island is an extinct crater, its surface is reminiscent of the lunar landscape. The highest point of the island is Monte Verde, with an altitude of 774 meters.

The capital city – the cultural center of the island

The capital of the island is Mindelo. It is a very popular cultural center, which is popular with tourists. When visiting the city, you will find especially lovers of monuments, such as the People’s Palace and the Town Hall. A copy of the Bethlehem Tower in Lisbon can be seen on the main Avenue Marginal. The oldest building in the city is Fortin do Rej dating back to 1852. If you head to the capital, you must not miss the beautiful scenery that the bay of Porto Grande offers.

Island offering unusual experiences

In addition to see the historic towns, it is also possible to visit the unusual and traditional events for the locals. One of them is the local carnival, which takes place every year in the capital. This cultural event is the second largest in the world after the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. If you spend your holidays here in August, you should not miss a famed music festival or a theater festival that takes place on September 12th. Every good holiday certainly includes an unforgettable gourmet experience offered by local restaurants. Enjoy delicious cheeses with rice, grilled lobster or fish soup served with sweet potatoes, bananas and manioc. Last but not least, from a stay in an exotic paradise, you can expect a clear sea and endless beaches.

Neither will Sao Vicente fail in this respect. There is the beach of Sao Pedro, one of the longest beaches of the whole archipelago.
Beaches are especially attractive for diving and windsurfing. Tourists also enjoy the Baia das Gatas lagoon.


Travel agents offer accommodation in four of the most desirable destinations, such as Mindelo, Lazareto, Salamansa, Calhau.
Most of them are luxury hotel resorts built directly on the beaches

Pictures of Sao Vincente Island


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