Boa Vista beach
Boa Vista beach

Cape Verde Islands are especially attractive by beautiful beaches. The several kilometers of beaches covered with gentle, whitish sand provide an unforgettable experience that every tourist will take away from these corners of the world. One of the most frequented sites is Praia de Chaves.

A deserted beach in the heart of exotic paradise

In order to lie down in the warm sand at Praia de Chaves, we have to go to the island of Boa Vista, specifically on its west coast. The beach is not so busy, so we can safely call it beach abandoned. A quiet, undisturbed environment with virgin nature makes this beach literally a forgotten place. The beach is about half a mile wide and is dotted with sand dunes extending far inland. In the northern part of this beautiful beach is the Royal Decameron Boa Vista. The hotel, built in Italian style, offers tourists a pleasant stay full of relaxation and well-being. Praia de Chaves Beach is a true picture of exotic paradise. For this reason, it is one of the most photographed beaches on Cape Verde Islands.

Photos of Praia de Chaves

Paradise for lovers of nature and sports

Because the beach is in the bay, the local water is very calm and much warmer than the open sea. The place is ideal for swimming and fishing. Every fisherman will delight in a huge flock of tuna and swordfish, nature lovers will certainly appreciate the night-view of a beach full of giant turtles or scenery of whales and sharks well visible in the open sea.
Directly on the beach near the Royal Decameron Boa Vista Hotel there is a kitesurfing school. Every sports enthusiast has the opportunity to ride on water on boards similar to those used for surfing. There are not so many hotel complexes on the beach, as in other more frequented places.

Many tourists do not know about this beach, so it is quite common for you to walk alone in the hot sand and enjoy the soothing sea and the sounds of the virgin nature.


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