View from Brava
View from Brava

The island of Brava is the smallest inhabited island among the Cape Verde islands. There are mountains all over the island and locals call it “the island of flowers”. I think it’s the “greenest” island of the Cape Verde islands. Local agriculture is at a very decent level. You can find here beautiful bays, but also some small, nice beaches.

Coffee, cane, banana, corn, sweet potatoes and manioc are grown on the island of Brava. The highest mountain is Monte Fontainhas – 976 meters above sea level.

Important to mention is that this island does not have its own airport. So you have got to get there by boat, eg from the island of Fogo on which are a place where there you can see the Brava island. Another available option is a boat trip from the island of Santiago.
You can stay in the capital of Vila Nova Sintra in one of several guesthouses – among other options.

What places to visit on the island of Brava

• Bays: Furna, Anciano, Faja d \ ‘Água and Somo – at least 1 of them
• Vila Nova Sintra – if there is good weather, you will see Fogo
• Hiking, walking the island. If you are not a big fan of traveling on foot, I recommend a car.

Once you arrive at the island and get off the boat there is a possibility of taking a paid car drive. More people can take the car drive at the same time (traveling in the same car). A one hour drive will cost you approximately 10 Euros.

If you are a lover of silence and peace, I recommend checking in Vila Nova Sintra, which is approx. 500 meters away from the sea. This way you can walk into local nature and enjoy it in its fullness – visiting clear-water bays, tranquillity and beautiful countryside. And if you get hungry by a chance, there are also a few restaurants.


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