The kitchen on Cape Verde is abundant and tasty. I recommend you to taste local recipes from quality local ingredients.

There is no doubt that the national food from the islands is Cachupa. It is a kind of goulash, which contains corn, onion, green bananas, manioc, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbage or bacon. You can add garlic or new spices.

For meat lovers, the chef can add salami, beef or pork. Cachupa is often cooked with fish – the so-called Cachupa Rica. It’s such a favorite meal that the Cape Verdeans eat on breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Excellent Cachupa

Fish dishes are excellent in local restaurants. Those who do not taste the fresh tuna steak on Cape Verde do not know how excellent the fish is. Favorite meals are steaks to which you can get beans. Every well-served lunch includes chicken or fish soup.



For desserts, there are typical quite exotic and new fruits for us. For example, papaya, mango, coconut. Fruit cakes, coffee custard or various jelly are delicious for afternoon coffee.


Everywhere on the islands will offer you a classic grogue, which is a local spirit made from sugar cane. In the hotel bars you will get various mixed beverages accompanied by grogue. Pontche is a mixture of grog and sugar cane molasses, refined with citrus fruit and cloves.

grogue and pontche
grogue and pontche

Our tips:
We recommend you to try Capverdian days in the hotel complexes. Here you can taste delicious Cachupa or fish delicacies.
Try local wine, or fine Portuguese wines. Do not forget about excellent fruit desserts with typical local coffee. Serving staff will be happy to thank you from a small tip.


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