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Basic informations about Cape Verde for travelers. Visa, money, about traveling between islands and more.

picture from Boa Vista

When to visit Cape Verde islands and what to do there

Cape Verde islands are great place for both sport activities and lazing on wonderful sand beaches, which go to distance. When to visit Cape Verde You can visit Cape Verde during the whole year. Temperature...

Cape Verde cuisine

The kitchen on Cape Verde is abundant and tasty. I recommend you to taste local recipes from quality local ingredients. There is no doubt that the national food from the islands is Cachupa. It is...

Sao Vicente photos 2018

Mindelo - Sao Vicente Surrounding cities - you can use collective bus Collective bus - starting before fish market in Mindelo - 150 CVE 1 way

Espargos – the capital city of the Sal Island

The most attractive tourist destination in Cape Verde is the Sal Island which is part of the southern, windward group of islands. The visitors are allured by the exotic nature and the sky-blue sea,...

What is produced in Cape Verde

Cape Verde Islands have only a little natural resources. Only four of the ten major islands (Santiago, Santo Antão, Fogo, Brava) support significant agricultural production by growing fruit and vegetables. Growing fruit and vegetables in Cape...
postcard Cabo Verde

The history of Cape Verde dates back to the 14th century

When the Portuguese came to the shores of these islands in 1456, Cape Verde (according to their words) was uninhabited. Portuguese islands gradually used as a supply station on their way further south, and...
Art of Cabo Verde

The art of locals in Cape Verde

The most popular art of Cape Verde is the production of ceramics and weaving. As for ceramics, the most important ceramic products are large water tanks (called Potes), vases and other sculptures. The Cape Verdians...
Cabo Verde

Where is the Cape Verde Islands?

Cape Verde on the map Cape Verde Islands are the westernmost site of continental Africa. Yes, they are in the southern part of the North Atlantic, but Cape Verde belongs to Africa. More precisely, it is located...
Picture montage of Boavista island landscapes in Cape Verde archipel

Pictures of Boa Vista Island

Boa Vista is the third-smallest island of Cape Verde that attracts tourists to visit some of the most beautiful beaches with white, fine sand and the sea with crystal clear water that literally invites...
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