Cape Verde informations

Basic informations about Cape Verde for travelers. Visa, money, about traveling between islands and more.

Advice and tips for Cabo Verde

Advice and tips on preparing for travelling to Cabo Verde Islands

Cape Verde Islands - Advice and Tips Rather than relying on credit cards, it's good to have some cash at hand. Before visiting Cape Verde, no vaccination or doctor's visit is required. Yet you should bring enough...

What is produced in Cape Verde

Cape Verde Islands have only a little natural resources. Only four of the ten major islands (Santiago, Santo Antão, Fogo, Brava) support significant agricultural production by growing fruit and vegetables. Growing fruit and vegetables in Cape...
Cabo Verde Escudo

How to pay in Cape Verde and money in Cape Verde

Currency Cape Verdean escudo is used for payments in the Cape Verde islands. International code is ECV. Banknotes are issued in the value from 200 to 5000. Coins from 1 to 100 escudo. The value of...
Christmas in Cape Verde

Christmas in Cape Verde

When we first saw tourists from Western Europe spending their Christmas holidays in Czech, namely its mountain resorts years ago – We just couldn’t believe it. Just imagine having Christmas a few hundred miles away...
Art of Cabo Verde

The art of locals in Cape Verde

The most popular art of Cape Verde is the production of ceramics and weaving. As for ceramics, the most important ceramic products are large water tanks (called Potes), vases and other sculptures. The Cape Verdians...
São Nicolau

São Nicolau Cape Verde

If you are on Sal Island, you can travel to this island, you will probably say to yourself that few minutes of flight take you to somewhere else. São Nicolau Island is relatively very...
Cabo Verde

Where is the Cape Verde Islands?

Cape Verde on the map Cape Verde Islands are the westernmost site of continental Africa. Yes, they are in the southern part of the North Atlantic, but Cape Verde belongs to Africa. More precisely, it is located...

Internet in Cape Verde

The Internet is more and more important part of life today – social sites, e-mails, finding information, being in contact with family, we have written information upon roaming in Cape Verde, but since the...

The attractions of the Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde Islands have become attractive tourist attractions in the eighties. Since then, tourism has started to rise by rocket speed. For people from europe, it is one of the few places, where we...
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