Islands on Cape Verde

Informations about Cape Verde islands like Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago, São Vicente, Santo Antão, São Nicolau, Fogo, Maio and Brava. Get informations about Cape Verde islands and enjoy your trips!

Boa Vista beach

Boa Vista – Praia de Chaves beach

Cape Verde Islands are especially attractive by beautiful beaches. The several kilometers of beaches covered with gentle, whitish sand provide an unforgettable experience that every tourist will take away from these corners of the...
Santo Antao Cape Verde

Beautiful and green island of Santo Antao + gallery

Firstly, I will describe some of the basics of what, how to get here, how to travel around the island, etc. Finally, I will describe the impressions of the island and share some photos...
Mindelo - main beach near city center

The island of Sao Vicente – the town of Mindelo – it is worth...

The small town of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente is the second largest town located on the area of Cape Verde Islands. It is the place where almost all the important stuff...
Tarrafal and beach


Tarrafal Harbor Santiago Island is the largest island of the Cape Verde Islands with an area of 991 km2 and 200 thousand inhabitants, which accounts for roughly half of the entire population of Cape Verde....
Picture montage of Boavista island landscapes in Cape Verde archipel

Pictures of Boa Vista Island

Boa Vista is the third-smallest island of Cape Verde that attracts tourists to visit some of the most beautiful beaches with white, fine sand and the sea with crystal clear water that literally invites...
Fogo volcano

National Park on Fogo Island

Fogo Island (translated as "fire") is often called an island of the great volcano and has become a symbol of life and energy. It is the second largest island of the Cape Verde Islands...
Sao Filipe

Sao Filipe

City of Sao Filipe Sao Filipe is the capital of Fogo Island where lives around 8 thousand of permanent residents. It is the most beautiful of Cape Verde Islands full of picturesque winding streets, and...
View from Brava

Brava island

The island of Brava is the smallest inhabited island among the Cape Verde islands. There are mountains all over the island and locals call it “the island of flowers”. I think it's the “greenest”...

The volcanic island of Fogo

Fogo, due to its respectable area, is the second largest island in the entire Cape Verde Islands, and is one of the most mountainous. The highest mountain - the Pico de Fogo volcano -...
São Nicolau

São Nicolau Cape Verde

If you are on Sal Island, you can travel to this island, you will probably say to yourself that few minutes of flight take you to somewhere else. São Nicolau Island is relatively very...
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