Christmas in Cape Verde
Christmas in Cape Verde

When we first saw tourists from Western Europe spending their Christmas holidays in Czech, namely its mountain resorts years ago – We just couldn’t believe it.

Just imagine having Christmas a few hundred miles away from home and bringing a bunch of Christmas presents just to celebrate the whole thing in a hotel room.

It seems that new ways of doing things bring new ways of experiencing joy and having fun.

But let’s go back to Christmas time in the Cape Verde Islands.

For tourists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is very pleasant to leave their frozen country and travel into a sunny-weather location.

In a few hours of flight, you will land on sunny islands where there are 25 degrees of Celsius on direct sunlight, a blue clear sky and a pleasantly refreshing ocean at your disposal.

The water in December is not the warmest, due to the colder flow during this season. Therefore it is better to expect a sea temperature of about 22 degrees.

For those preferring warmer water for swimming, hotel pools are available.

And what about Christmas presents?

Just forget them this year.

Spending holidays in Cape Verde must do as a Christmas gift for the whole family.

Great weather, beautiful surroundings and ten days of absolute relax? Isn’t it more than any gift you could possibly get?

Enjoy the place, relax as hard as you can and once 24th December comes, have a gala dinner a perhaps a toast under palm trees.


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