Diving in Cabo Verde
Diving in Cabo Verde

Diving in the waters of Cape Verde

We can not compare Cape Verde with diving locations around Egypt, of course, but diving is an experience. With a bit of luck, you will meet rays, moors, smaller sharks, pink crawfish, and pelagic fish. Also tuna, swordfish, whale sharks and turtles. Every diver’s dream is to meet with the manto, which can be done here.

Wrecks and caves

The advantage of diving locations around Cape Verde is that snorkellers will also enjoy it. The shipwrecks at Salu can be found at a depth of 3 meters and the well-preserved wreck of Santo Antao already at a depth of 10 meters. Scuba diving centers and schools are located on Sal Island. In the vicinity of this island, take a look at the Cavala wall south of Salu, from a depth of 28 m to 65 m, with corals and fish, and the underwater cave Tres Grotes, the Buracona Gulf, which reflects the sun’s rays, creating absolutely amazing effects. In the Regona labyrinth you will see sharks and crustaceans.


The turtle is the symbol of the Cape Verde Islands. Previously used to be a favorite food, but now they are strictly protected. Most common you can see here a general caregiver weighing up to 150 kg. In the holiday months the turtles lay the eggs in the sand and after 50 days the turtles hatch. Most of the seasonal predators, until only one or two of the thousands of eggs survive to adulthood.

Diving and turtle
Diving and turtle

The fish

Cape Verde’s waters are full of fish. You can best see them on the pier in Santa María on the island of Sal. In the summer months, you can see small swords with up to two-meter sailboats. Fishermen feed and sell fish right at the see at very favorable prices. In addition to the shores, you will find the flying fish and in the summer you may also see the whale. Divers come to their own among the sharks that come into very shallow waters.


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