We apologize for the slightly tabloid headline about the ebony in Cape Verde.
Do not worry.
The presence of Ebola is not confirmed in Cape Verde Islands.
Although the islands are relatively close to Africa (from Senegal by 500 km), this insidious disease does not occur in Cape Verde.
Local authorities have even ordered measures for all tourists who have been in Africa for the past 30 days.

For people staying in risk areas up to 30 days retroactively, access to the country is prohibited. If such a tourist appears at an airport or port, he is immediately refused under strict safety rules. So paradoxically, in Europe or the United States there is a greater risk of ebola than in Cape Verde.

Here is an up-to-date map of the disease in Africa:

West Africa distribution map
West Africa distribution map

The presence of Ebola virus has not been confirmed in Cape Verde.


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