The most attractive tourist destination in Cape Verde is the Sal Island which is part of the southern, windward group of islands. The visitors are allured by the exotic nature and the sky-blue sea, but also by the typical architecture of the cities.

The capital city of the Sal Island is Espargos that despite its small number of population comprising 6200 inhabitants. Serves as the economic and administrative centre of the island. The city lies in the heart of the island on the main road connecting Murdeira and Santa Maria cities.

It got its name according to the typical crop grown in this area which is asparagus. Espargos lies at the foothills of the Monte Curral peak, which makes a wonderful panorama in the southwest part of the city.

The main economic income of the city comes from tourism whose main development came with the construction of the international airport.

Photos from Espargos city

Espargos houses
Espargos houses
Espargos and people
Espargos and people

Comfort vs. Poverty

Espargos can be labelled as fully-fledged city offering all services to visitors.

We shouldn’t be searching for skyscrapers, vast shopping centres or casinos. Public facilities concern schools, hospitals, small shops, supermarkets and banks.

Tourists like visiting shops with typical souvenirs and the best restaurants offering delicious meals of the local cuisine.

Restaurants such as Grog’s, Caldera Preta or Benvass offer a real gastronomy experience.

The Grog’s restaurant is valued as the best on the whole island and local tuna steak is literally well-liked delicacy.

The communication with local inhabitants is seen as a problem by tourists.

English is on relatively low lever here, most of the population speaks only Portuguese or Creole.

Espargos is not just a charming city with friendly atmosphere and exuberant night life.

The dark side of the city is dirt and poverty. It concerns local slum.

A lot of tourists head even here and points their cameras on the shacks built from basically everything that can be found here.

The area is very dangerous for tourists with high risk of pocket-picking.


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