Hill on the Sal Island
Hill on the Sal Island

Cape Verde and excursion around the Sal Island

The most attractive part of Cape Verde for tourists is with no doubt the Sal Island where the international airport is located in the whole archipelago. So if you fly to another island, you will land here anyway. The island has got an area of 200 km2 with 11 thousand inhabitants and belongs to the northern group of Barlavento Islands.

What should not be missed when you visit the Sal Island?

You should definitely visit the tourist village of Santa Maria which can be found on a 17 kilometres long beach with white sands and azure water. It is the perfect place to relax when our country is covered with snow. You will find plenty of hotels and entertainment especially in the form of water sports here. Evenings are accompanied by Cape Verde music which you will enjoy in all outdoor gardens.


Pedra is a salt mine with a volcanic crater from where a cableway with salt leads to the harbour. The salt was exported to Africa and Brazil in the past. The name of the Sal Island means “salt” in Portuguese.


Palmeira is the main harbour located 7 kilometres from Espargos. The administrative centre and also the capital city of the island. Yachts set sail on various trips from here and even though you are not going on such an excursion, it’s a wonderful spectacle.


I recommend to rent a 4×4 jeep for this adventurous journey. You will see a so called hole in the ground and nature lakes in the lava igneous rocks.

There is a regulation due to the flat surface of the island, that no hotel complex should have more than two floors. So, you have a guaranteed dream holiday in cozy hotels, villas and bungalows. Moreover, the island offers 350 sunny days a year, so that you can be sure that the weather will not ruin your holiday. And the entertainment will be taken care of. There are perfect conditions windsurfing, even Santa Maria beach is one of the five best places for windsurfing in the world. The Sal Island offers unlimited fishing opportunities, too. You will find perfect conditions for scuba diving in the Buracona area, even though you can get an international diploma at any of the scuba diving schools here.


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