Pico de Fogo
Pico de Fogo

Fogo means fire in Portuguese.
This name of the island is very truthful, since Fogo is still a recently active volcano.
The island is located at the highest point of the Cape Verde Islands at all.
The highest point is 2829 meters above sea level – the peak of Pico de Fogo.
There are almost 38,000 inhabitants in Fogo.
It is located between the islands of Brava and Santiago.
The capital is Sao Filipe, further to the northeast is the next big city of Mosteiros.
Tourists here mostly travel with the interest to visit the volcano and climb up the mountain from where there is a wonderful view of the surroundings.
Most Cape Verdeans who live in Foga live on fishing or farming.
Here, good grape-vine varieties are grown to make the most popular wine.
Local farmers also grow good coffee.
The natives are very friendly and have a great understanding for tourists.

Fogo Island on the map:

map of Fogo island
map of Fogo island


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