Crioula bungalow
Crioula bungalow

Hotel Crioula is located on the island of Sal in the town of Santa Maria.
Accommodation is possible in 4-star hotel or bungalows.
According to the visitor’s rating, the hotel has a quality service and helpful staff.
At the reception, you can speak English, Italian or Portuguese. The operator of the hotel is an Italian company, so the Italians are a majority group of tourists.
Daily change of towels and bed linen. Excellent cuisine with a rich menu of meals.

Typical offer:
Breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, peas, yogurt cornflakes, salami, hard cheese, butter, jam, honey, sweet pastry, bananas, papaya, some compote
Lunch – Various types of meat, a rich offer of fish dishes in various ways, such as pasta, potatoes, fries or grilled vegetables. Various salads and a wide range of desserts (at least ten kinds each day)
Dinner – Fish and some meat, salami, cheese, salads, sweet pastries and sweet pastries
Drinks – Drink for lunch and dinner draft beer, wine, juice, whey, tonic. On the table bottled water in bottles.

Beaches and surroundings of the hotel

Beautiful beach, few people, quiet to relax. The town center is about 2 km away.

Crioula pool
Crioula pool


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