Things to do in Cabo Verde
Things to do in Cabo Verde

During your holiday on the Cape Verde Islands, you will surely enjoy romantic walks on the long white beaches lining the surrounding clear sea, as well as the relaxation in such places.
Those who like to spend their holiday actively can try a lot of, perhaps new, activities and we are not talking just about sports here.
Island trips
Through a travel agency delegate or on your own, you can take a trip around the island.
Group trips to the desert and “explore the island” trips are offered on every other corner.
If you want to explore the island on your own, you can borrow a quad bike and do it your own style.
The size of the island is not exactly very big and so for visiting all of the places of interest here, one full tank should do. It will take up to a maximum of a half day.
In this case, I recommend printing the map of the island home and bringing it there with you, as finding a map on the island is quite a problem.
Fishing and diving
If you are a fan of salty water, you can go for some boat trips, fishing or you may want to rent a water scooter. Diving on the island is offered by several companies.
A trip to Boa Vista
For an extra charge, you can take an excursion to the neighboring island of Boa Vista.
This trip is not the cheapest one, but it is certainly worth the price.
Beautiful beaches on Boa Vista Island are worth every penny.
The biggest attraction here is windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Rentals and school can be found on the beaches of the island.
On Cape Verde, there is a non-stop wind ideal for such sports.
If you are a fan of this sport, Cape Verde is a “must-visit” for you.
Entertainment in the hotel
There are many recreational activities available in hotels and on the beaches – such as water aerobics, beach football, tennis and much more.
Cape Verde has a lot to offer, so if you do not just want to lay down and relax all day get out there.


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