The Internet is more and more important part of life today – social sites, e-mails, finding information, being in contact with family, we have written information upon roaming in Cape Verde, but since the time has changed and many people will be interested in the Internet, I’m bringing more current information and recommendation.

The Internet in Cape Verde is found mostly in hotels in the form of Wi-Fi, but the quality is mostly doubtful, I recommend not to deal with expensive roaming and buy local SIM card.

CV Telecom – CV Móvel offers SIM cards from 200 CVE (ca. 50 CZK) with 200 CVE credit. You may activate some data packages – I recommend the bigger ones, because in that moment you may call via the Internet and you secure enough data for the holiday. The speed is lowered with smallest packages, bigger packages offers speed up to 14 Mbps downloading/5 Mbps recording. If you are in a place with good signal (busy places), you may call via an application, for example Skype offers cheap calling on phones and especially cable connection to most of countries.

Data, expiration, price, activation, buy in addition

It is possible to get only data card:

There are two more operators Viva+ and T+ (Unitel T-Mais), they have worse coverage, you may get for example if you have a phone for two SIM card. Prices are very similar.


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