Murdeira village is located on one of the Cape Verde islands, on the Sal Island. It is located on the western coast between the capital city Espargos and Santa Maria village. It is a favourite destination for tourists, especially because of the calm environment and clean and several kilometres long beach.

History of the village

Murdeira is originally a small agricultural and fishing village. The first project to build a tourist destination was realized here in 1990. The initial capital was brought in particular by foreigners who were building villas and hotel resorts here.

Tourist attractions in the area

Murdeira lies in the bay of the same name, which is popular with is crystal clean water and rich underwater life in the coral reef area. The bay provides tourists with an unprecedented view over the Lion Mountain (Monte Leao), which got its name after its shape.

One of the most marvellous beaches in this area is the Ponta Preta Beach, which offers an accommodation in luxury hotels, apartments, villas and holiday houses.

For trips to the surroundings you can use hotel buses going mostly six times a day. You shouldn’t miss visiting the Santa Maria village, for example. The exotic atmosphere can be enjoyed at the local market that offers tourists the opportunity to buy souvenirs, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.

Salt mines already unused are located about one kilometre from the Santa Maria village. Tourists can swim in the ponds that flooded the extinct volcanic crater. The salt concentration in these water areas are similar to the Dead Sea.

Photos of Murdeira

Outdoor activities

Beaches are popular among water sports and scuba diving lovers. Adrenaline can be raised by sand dune ride on quads.

Murdeira Village

Tourists may enjoy calm holiday in the hotel complex Murdeira Village. This destination is also suitable for families with small children for its very calm environment. The accommodation is provided in small, yet spacious bungalows. The only disadvantage of this area is worse access to the sea because of artificial beach build on the rocky bed.


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