Fogo volcano
Fogo volcano

Fogo Island (translated as “fire”) is often called an island of the great volcano and has become a symbol of life and energy. It is the second largest island of the Cape Verde Islands and you can also find here the highest mountain, which is Pico de Fogo volcano at an altitude of 2,829 meters, around which a national park was established.

Last (considerable) activity of the volcano dates back to 1995. During the year there was a blast which created a crater called Pico Pequeno. Lava fields emerged after this event and they still grow on their popularity.

The volcano also left us a little message here in November 2014. Its activity was not at all as significant as in 1995.
Seeing this volcano is a truly fascinating experience, it pretty much defines to the whole experience of the island for you. The contrast of its beautiful nature and a fairly great volcano is just amazing. From an airplane, the island looks like a volcanic mountain arising from the sea level. The local beaches are, of course, composed of black sand. If there is good weather you can see the island of Brava from Miradouro da Aguadinha lookout tower. Inhabitants are dependent on the supply of fish, wine trade, coffee trade and weaving. Therefore, the island retains its agricultural character.

When visiting the island, do not miss the village of Chá de Caldeiras, located directly at the foot of the volcano. During the eruption in 1995, it was completely separated from the rest of the island by three giant lava flows. You can now walk through the lava fields and feel their energy. Also make sure to visit Monte Velho, a forest with eucalyptus and other very special types of trees.

The village of Achada de Caldeiro, located in the center of the volcanic crater directly beneath the volcano, is surrounded by vineyards from which the locals get an excellent wine. Do not worry about natives. They are really friendly and very hospitable. They have bright skin and blue or green eyes. Quite a remarkable appearance. This village is the ideal place for the start of a journey of volcano towards its esophagus. You definitely have to take this trip. The experience is quite stunning.


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