Praia - Santiago
Praia - Santiago

Praia, in translation „beach“, is one of the busiest and most attractive cities in Cape Verde Islands. The town was inhabited in the 17th century and originally served as a secret port to smuggle goods. Since 1770, it is the capital of the island of Santiago located in its southern part. Because it is a rather busy city, where thousands of tourists travel a year, it has a well-connected transport network and an international airport. It is worth mentioning that the town of Praia is more like a transit station on its way to more familiar areas. The city is set on a plateau with beautiful views of the bay.


The weather in the city is very favorable for the bigger part of the year. Even if it is in exotic paradise, it is not necessary to worry about the unpleasantly high temperatures. It is true that most of the year there is drought, but the temperatures are kept on average around 25 ° C. Larger precipitation is typical for August and September.

Sights and attractions

Thanks to strong immigration, the town has been stripped of its traditions. The small town lives in its modern way of life. There are exhibitions, shows, concerts and various social events. After dark, live music will be heard in the streets. Praia is unique and somehow different from the rest of the Cape Verde Islands.

Photos of Praia

On the relatively small area, which the city has, there are many monuments and tourist attractions. It is worth mentioning the Old Town Hall built in the 19th century as the seat of the Portuguese Government. From other buildings, it is certainly worth mentioning the presidential palace.

Local beaches attract lovers of water activities and relaxation in warm, white sand. The relatively quiet bay offers breathtaking scenery, especially at sunset. The typical panorama is the Farol de Dona Maria Pia beacon dating back to 1881. The town of Praia offers, besides monuments and beautiful nature, a unique atmosphere, nice inhabitants and the most beautiful square.


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