Sal Island Weather
Sal Island Weather

The weather on the Sal Island is generally stable and warm. Pleasant temperatures throughout the year.

It rains minimally on the Sal Island and mostly they are showers lasting couple hours. Average temperatures on the Sal Island in a comprehensive table from long-term statistics

Month Average Temperature Highest Temperature
January 21.4°C 24.0°C
Febuary 21.1°C 24.1°C
March 21.6°C 24.8°C
April 21.9°C 24.8°C
May 22.5°C 25.3°C
June 23.4°C 26.0°C
July 24.6°C 27.2°C
August 26.0°C 28.8°C
September 26.6°C 29.3°C
October 26.1°C 28.6°C
November 24.5°C 27.3°C
December 22.7°C 25.2°C

Current weather on the Sal Island


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