Sal Rei - Boa Vista island
Sal Rei - Boa Vista island

The capital of the island Boa Vista is Sal Rei

Looks pretty cozy.
Maybe almost sleepy.
There live 4000 inhabitants of the island.

On the main square, Praça de Santa Isabel there are many colorful flowers.
You can admire the goods sold by local vendors here.
Carved wooden figures, pictures or fruits and vegetables.

You will also find a travel agency, health center, bank and post office.
Along the ocean, at Avenida dos Pescadores, you can see the old pier and shipyard.
Directly opposite, you can see the small island of Ilhéu de Sal Rei on the open sea.
Salines, where the mining of salt of the highest quality was previously, is located in the northeast of the city.

If you go a little further, you will see the ruins of Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel over the Rocky Coast.
Sal Rei Bay is ideal for swimming because it is protected against the wind by the island of Ilhéu de Sal Rei.
We recommend the long sandy beach of Praia do Estoril to the south of the city.

fish Market
fish Market


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