São Nicolau
São Nicolau

If you are on Sal Island, you can travel to this island, you will probably say to yourself that few minutes of flight take you to somewhere else. São Nicolau Island is relatively very green and mountainous.

São Nicolau Island focuses on agriculture a lot, but there is something to see, I may recommend you to visit peak of the Monte Gordo National Park (entrance 300 CVE except for Saturday and Sunday when it’s for free. Bungalow is at disposal where you can sleep overnight but remember to take your own food).

The island is interesting for it’s not so popular for tourists, you can get closer to local people who work here, for example in the already mentioned agriculture and people are absolutely awesome, open and friendly here.

You can ride a bike through the island (I know about a bike rental shop in the city of Mindelo – 16 EUR for the whole day), paths are maintained, you can set out to the southern part of the island where you will see interesting dragon trees. Taking about nature, that is really marvellous, there is relatively a lot of green vegetation, beautiful mountains, and also birds, you can see dolphins, especially if you go fishing with local fishermen (it is easy to arrange).

To visit the island, I especially recommend very good shoes, it is the same as you would like to hike in the Alps with flip-flops on.

Few facts about São Nicolau Island:

  • Area 388 km2, length 45 km, width 20 km
  • The highest peak Monte Gordo (1312 meters above sea level)
  • The island was discovered in 1461
  • Number of inhabitants ca. 13 thousand
  • The main source of livelihood of locals – agriculture, fishing, beef cattle, goat and sheep breeding,
  • The capital and the largest city is Ribeira Brava. Tha island has got an airport Preguiça (3 km from the city Ribeira Brava).

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