Park Serra Malagueta Cape Verden - Santiago island
Park Serra Malagueta Cape Verden - Santiago island

The Serra da Malagueta Mountains is located in the northwest of Santiago. The mountains can be crossed by a road that runs from north to south and connects cities Praia and Tarrafal.
The highest mountain is Mount Malagueta, which is 1064 m high.
There is a protected reservation, or rather a park called “Parque Natural da Serra da Malagueta”, which has an area of almost 774 hectares. The area is well-known for its rich vegetation!
Serra da Malagueta is definitely worth a visit, especially in winter. During this season you can see the beautiful surrounding area and even the ocean right from the mountain.
There are several “hills” from 500 to 800 meters high, 1 mountain over 900 meters high and many other smaller ones. So if you are a fan of kills and mountains you should maybe check them out.
You can take a trip, for example, to Tarrafal – a nice village with a beach so beautiful you’ve probably seen in several magazines. I think it really is worth a visit. The trip then aims to reach Praia. Your way leads through mountains and so there is also a lot to see. Praia is the capital of the island of Santiago.


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