Tarrafal and beach
Tarrafal and beach

Tarrafal Harbor

Santiago Island is the largest island of the Cape Verde Islands with an area of 991 km2 and 200 thousand inhabitants, which accounts for roughly half of the entire population of Cape Verde. Because of its location (the southernmost island), it has a very dry climate with higher air humidity that we would find in Central Africa. That’s why you can travel here all year round, spending Christmas or New Year’s Eve here.

The plantations with mange, papaya and bananas are admirable. The island is also famous for its excellent cane spirit. Historically, this island is the oldest, as it has begun to settle islands here. The capital was chosen by Rigeira Grande, now Cidade Velha, the oldest city of Cape Verde.

Local slaves were brought to Guinea, where the distribution and subsequent transport to the whole world took place. City was very popular and held the function of a European center in this locality, and due to its wealth it was naturally the target of raids and pirates. Among the most famous were Francis Drake and Cassard. In the 16th century, the fortress of St. Filipa has been built here. Be sure to visit it, it’s a phenomenal building.
On this island you will find Tarrafal, which is a relatively small fishing village lying on its north.

Tarrafal and beach

The beach was renowned for her beautiful sandy beach with coconut palms. When viewing the Cape Verde Guides, you will find it on most of the title pages and promotional material.
In addition, the beach is in the shade of the magnificent Monte Gracioza Mountain, which is a fascinating sight. The city of Tarrafal offers the perfect service, making this area a very popular holiday destination.

So, if you decide which resort you choose on Cape Verde Island, you will not regret Tarragona. There is a wonderful nature combined with complete services, which will provide you with a truly luxurious holiday in beautiful weather.


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