Cape Verde Islands have become attractive tourist attractions in the eighties. Since then, tourism has started to rise by rocket speed. For people from europe, it is one of the few places, where we can warm even in winter at fairly reasonable prices.

Where can we find them?

All ten Cape Verde Islands can be found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. The capital is called Praia and lies on the island of Santiago. The official language is Portuguese, but most of the population speaks Creole. But you can speak French on the islands without any problems.
Cape Verde offers a few absolute unique features.

Why go to Cape Verde Islands?

Cape Verde offers several unique attractions. Let’s get to know them:
Cape Verde people live more abroad than on the islands. E.g. US $ 350,000. The total population of Cape Verde is 450 thousand.
There is one goat on two Cape Verdeans.
Among the natives, it is said that if you drink local grog for twenty years, you will blind yourself

The island of Boa Vista was a place for people with leprosy in the 14th century.
The most expensive and beautiful building on the island of Santiago is the Chinese Embassy.

Winston Churchill was supposed to attack the Cape Verde World War II, but at the last minute he changed his mind.

Cape Verde is part of Micronesia along with the Canary and Azores Islands.
The smallest of the archipelago is Santa Luzia with an area of only 35 km2. She is uninhabited. The three easternmost islands are extremely flat.

From October to June, full of sand from the Sahara. So choose your holiday date outside this period. Tortoises must not be fished between June and February.

When to Go to Cape Verde?

The temperature in the Cape Verde Islands never drops below 22 degrees. But the best time for their visit is June to November. From December to June, there are strong winds with Sahara sand, which can easily make our holiday uncomfortable.


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