Mindelo - main beach near city center
Mindelo - main beach near city center

The small town of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente is the second largest town located on the area of Cape Verde Islands. It is the place where almost all the important stuff on this island happens. I dare to say it is one of Cape Verde’s best nightlife centers!

The city of Mindelo is the main cultural center of the island of Sao Vicente, where there are many artists and musicians, many of which also often perform in local bars and restaurants.
Mindelo is famous for its huge carnival!
When are the upcoming carnivals going to take place:

  • 2019: 3rd March
  • 2020: 23th February
  • 2021: 14th February
  • 2022: 28th February

By the way, the carnival is the second largest in the world, so if you do not plan on going to Rio, I recommend you visit the carnival in Mindelo!

It’s not just some carnival that makes Mindelo and Sao Vicente interesting. For example, the Baia das Gatas Festival is worth it too! This festival takes place in August during a full moon on a beach, it is something like Thailand’s full moon parties. This action is worth it, just because of its atmosphere. There are thousands of people on the beach. They dance to a playing music and are having fun for 3 days in a row! There is also another thing to see – for example, horse races.

There are 2 large beaches, which are most of the time overcrowded by tourists. Luckily, you can easily visit one of the smaller beaches and enjoy its white sand, clear sea and the peace of the place.
You can also see a lot of craftsmanship, from weaving through ceramics to, of course, making coconut products.

Accommodation here is not a problem, from Airbnb to, of course, the popular Booking.
The oldest building on the island is Mindelo Fortim do Rei. If you happen to visit it, do not forget to take a look around. From here there is a beautiful view of the nearby town and a bay, and the Mount Monte Cara.


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