Beaches Cabo Verde
Beaches Cabo Verde

Real Paradise on Earth! These are the Cape Verde Islands. The area with unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea and the most beautiful beaches. In which places are tourists literally drowning their breath while looking at the calm surface in the veil of the setting sun?

Santa Monica Beach
The beach is located on one of the larger islands of Cape Verde on the island of Boa Vista. This place is ideal for lovers of a tranquil holiday in the midst of virgin nature. While walking along the coast, you can enjoy plenty of privacy because there is not so much developed tourism in this area. The beach is about eight kilometers long, covered with fine white sand. Scenery of sand dunes, scorching sea and untouched nature equals the beauty of the Caribbean islands.
Accommodation right on the beach is not possible, but in the immediate vicinity of the hotel is Riu Touareg. It is a four star luxury hotel, which is the most sought after in this area.

Pictures of Cape Verde Beach

Santa Maria Beach

This popular tourist beach is located on the island of Sal. The island is a very popular destination, as evidenced by the number of luxury hotels built to offer guests real comfort. Directly on the beach there is a choice of five-star hotels, such as Club Hotel Riu Funanan, Hotel Oasis Salinas Sea or Club Hotel Riu Garopa. Also, four-star hotels provide quality services. These include Hotel Oasis Belorizonte or Melia Tortuga Beach.

Sao Pedro Beach

Sao Pedro Beach is on the coast of the island of Sao Vincente. The island is famous for its pompous carnival, which is visited by thousands of tourists. Due to unsuitable conditions for agriculture, the island’s income is completely dependent on tourism. The beach is popular with water sports enthusiasts, especially windsurfing. Due to strong regular winds, the beach provides ideal conditions. In the Sao Pedro area you can stay right on the beach in one of the many hotels.
Hotel Foya Branca****                                                        Hotel Lazareto****
Aquiles Eco Hotel****                                                         Oasis Porto Grande****
Pousada Montecara ****

Tarrafal Beach

You can visit this beach with beautiful nature on the island of Santiago. The beautiful panorama of the beach is made up of the Monte Graciosa Mountains. The surface of the beach is covered with fine dark sand, which local people claim to have curative and regenerative effects.
Hotels offering tourist accommodation are not located directly on the beach. At about 30 km there is the Palm Beach Resort. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation with beautiful sea views.


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