Sal Cape Verde
Sal Cape Verde

Things to do on the Sal Island and short informations.

The Sal Island, with international airport, is the main island for tourists in Cape Verde.

Tourist village Santa Maria, where 17 km of long white sand beaches are to be found, is the largest tourist area from the whole Cape Verde islands and the most hotel complexes are located in the Santa Maria beach.

Salt mine Pedra de Lume and lake with large amount of salt, which has got healing effects on skin are big attractions on the island.

The Sal Island is very little. It’s area is about 30 km length and from 4 to 12 km width 11 000 people live here.

The reason to visit Cape Verde is a guarantee of nice weather, keen prices and relative peace on the beaches. The life in Cape Verdes is in the “NO STRESS” style, so keep calm and don’t deal with anything.

Things to do in Sal Cape Verde

The Blach Beach close to Santa Maria is worth visiting, scattered with lava stones. Local water is great for windsurfing and the World Championship took place here in 2007.

There is a windsurfing hire company, so as kitesurfing school and hire company on the beaches at the Santa Maria city.

Regarding kitesurfing, the best place is Kite Beach, in the west of the island, close to the village.

Salt mine Salinas is a favourite place where you can also go swimming. Its effects are wholesome foryour health and skin. Remnants of former cableway are located here, by which the salt was transported to the coast.

You can borrow a quad bike in the Santa Maria city for a fee.

You can drive through the island on your own skin.

A trip around the island takes about half a day including breaks on the most popular places of the island.

If you plan this kind of trip, print a map at home, for getting a useful map in Cape Verdes is impossible.

It is not a problem to bump into various guides offering trips both into inlands and on the sea at the hotel complexes.

Cape Verde city Santa Maria

This is the busiest city with tourists on the Sal Island. There is the biggest number of hotels on Cape Verde.

There are restaurants, post office and a lot of shops.

Local inhabitants are lived on tourism, so don’t be surprised that if you leave the gates of hotel, a local clings to you and wants you to lead to some shop or to sell you something.

There are calm areas at the hotels and the beaches. Local traders are prohibited from entering so you will enjoy the motto “No Stress” on the beaches.


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