Boa Vista - Cape Verde island
Boa Vista - Cape Verde island

The island of Boa Vista ranks among the northern, so-called windward, group of islands. Despite its relatively large area of 620 km2, there is a relatively small density of population for the island. A total of 12,000 inhabitants live on the island, with an overwhelming majority concentrating around the largest city of Sal Rei.

History of the island Boa Vista

The island of Boa Vista was discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese sailors. About two centuries later the first permanent settlement was built here. The colonists started with extensive salt mining, and so the island’s economy slowly began to thrive.

The name has been given to the island because of the beauty sailors saw in it once they discovered it. When sailors saw the island in distance, they yelled, “Boa Vista” – what a beautiful sight.

Paradise for tourists

The island attracts lovers of beautiful, exotic nature, especially with its long, white beaches, sand dunes and the azure blue sea that literally lures you in it to swim and enjoy the beautiful water.

Fairy beaches on Boa Vista

The beaches of the island of Boa Vista are considered the most beautiful in the whole archipelago. The most famous and longest beach is Curranlinho Beach, also known by its nickname Santa Monica. Its beauty is comparable to Caribbean beaches. The Santa Monica Beach is over 8 kilometers long and for tourists, there is a possibility of spending a night or two in nearby luxurious hotels.

There are other beaches worth visiting too. For example, Ponta Varadinha beach, where fish barbecues often take place. Cabo Santa Maria and Praia de Chave are quite pretty too and are definitely worth seeing.

Enjoying water

Boa Vista Island meets the ideal conditions for diving. The great attraction for divers is more than 1000 species of gorgeous, colorful fish and also the well-known sea turtles. In addition to diving, local beaches are also sought after by surfers, windsurfers and, of course, fishing lovers. And don’t forget about the sand dunes, which are used for an adrenaline sport typical for this area – a quad bike ride on sand dunes. Undertaking this action makes your stay really unforgettable. So if you ever happen to be on the island, and like such things, maybe you should try it too.


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