Cape Verde beach and sunset
Cape Verde beach and sunset

Cape Verdes islands are great place for both sport activities and lazing on wonderful sand beaches, which go to distance.

You can visit Cape Verde during the whole year. Temperature moves between 20 and 30 degrees year-round. Remember to take warm clothes to the holiday in Cape Verde, too, for it blows really strong wind from the sea, so that you may feel cold after swimming on the beach, in the evenings, when the sun sets below the horizon, too.

There is probably no danger of raining during your holiday in Cape Verde. It very seldom rains here and more likely just in the end of summer and in the beginning of autumn. That’s what it’s very dry climate here. Still, there is a tropical climate here which means there is only a few degrees lower temperature in winter than in summer months. Water temperature is over 20 degrees year-round, so you will never have a problem with swimming.

Cape Verde is an ideal place for real enjoying of seaside holiday. Beaches are full of very fine sand and are vast. The sea is amazingly warm and limpid. But it is necessary to beware of undercurrent and not to swim behind buoys.

Cape Verdes is ideal place for scuba diving lovers, too. The sea at coasts offers a wonderful view over varied fauna and flora. Besides varied colourful fish, corals, whales, turtles and some sharks are found here. That’s not all, you may dive to the old shipwrecks that shipwrecked close to seacoast of the islands.

If you want to try windsurfing or surfing you may visit Cape Verde, too.

Also fishing can be done at the sea. Tourism lovers may set out for a journey into the depths of the islands along beaten paths and explore beauties of local nature.

Evening program is not so wild as in other destinations, even if in disco and bars are to be found in bigger cities, too. Night carnivals offer splendid amusement.

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